Florida Hospital Celebration Health’s Women Health Program Script/Video

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Celebration Health Women’s Health Program [approx. 2:30] 1/16/12

:10Shots of women young, old and pregnantShot of woman holding baby

Female patient with staff, smiles

Female VO:A woman’s body is as unique and complex as the woman herself.  Women are constantly adapting to various physical and emotional changes throughout their lives.
:05Karen (Care Coordinator) speaking directly to camera outside near garden Karen:At Celebration Health, we focus on every aspect of women’s health care…for every stage of her life.
:158. Tech w/ pregnant woman, 4-D ultrasound9. CU of tech and woman’s reaction seeing baby in monitor

10. Laparoscopic operation procedure

11. Robotic assisted surgical system in operation

VO:We’ve pioneered the latest advancements to help diagnose and treat even the most challenging cases. Celebration Health is home to the world’s leading experts on non-surgical and surgical treatments, specializing in minimally invasive techniques.
:1012. Dr. McCarus on camera Dr. McCarus:[Paraphrasing]  “Helping people recover faster and getting back to what matters to them most makes me feel like I’m really making a difference.”
:1513. Dr. Advincula on camera Dr. Advincula:[Paraphrasing] “I’ve travelled all around the world and worked at other hospitals, but never have I seen the caring and compassion towards patients like I have here.  That’s why I chose to practice at Celebration Health.  It truly is an ideal place for my patients.”
:106. Patient on camera7. B-roll with CH staff Patient #1:[Paraphrasing] “I dread going to hospitals, but here…well, it seemed more like I was at a resort.  My care coordinator walked me through everything.  And the doctors here are so amazing [laughing] I almost didn’t want to leave!”
:10Tracey counsels patients, friendly interaction VO:Celebration Health’s combination of pain management, counseling and rehabilitation offers women a quality of life they thought they could never have…sometimes even without the need for surgery.
:1014. Patient on camera15. B-roll with CH staff Patient #2:[Paraphrasing] “I had been in pain from my endometriosis for years and was told by other doctors that there was nothing I can do. Now I’m pain free…and forever grateful for the care I received at Celebration Health.”
:10Dr. Ivanov addressing staff VO:Our Comprehensive Breast Health Center’s great success is due in part to early detection, diagnosis and immediate treatment – usually within 48 hours.
:10Dr. Ivanov on camera Dr. Ivanov:[Paraphrasing]  “We offer radiation therapy that is less-invasive, more precise, and shortens the treatment time from several weeks to just days.”
:05Wide shot of family in beautiful suite22. Parents with newborn

23. CU of newborn/smiling parents

VO:The Baby Place offers everything you would expect when it comes to preparing for a new addition to your family.
:10Dr. Swoboda on camera Dr. Swoboda:[Paraphrasing]  “Our physicians, nurses, concierge, care coordinators…it’s a combined effort from our entire staff to make our patients and their families feel at home.  We offer exceptional service with compassion.  You couldn’t ask for anything better than that.”
:20Karen back on camera17. Doctor listening to patient problem

18. Patient getting mammography exam

high-tech shot of robotic surgery

Karen back on camera

Karen:“We are with our patients every step of the way….…whether it’s a routine visit or one of our many preventative care programs…

…an outpatient procedure or state-of-the-art surgery….

…a reproductive issue or becoming a mother for the first time…

…we are there for every stage of a woman’s life.”

:0524. Patient on camera25. Patient on camera Patient #1:[Paraphrasing] “I look forward to every doctor visit now.”Patient #2:

[Paraphrasing] “These people are like family to me.”


Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute Script/Video

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Script Name:

Celebration HealthGRI
Length – Approx. 2:40Copyright 2011

All Rights Reserved



[:35]  INTRO MONTAGE/GRAPHICS:Robotic surgery rooms and staff

Cutaways of high-tech equipment

GRI logo

3D imaging



Research Team (Hallway shot?)

VO:A pioneer in robotic technology…

Groundbreaking research…

A world-renowned staff…

Welcome to Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute.  We have provided patients from around the globe the latest technological innovations and expertise.

The development of robotic surgery means fewer complications and quicker recovery for patients. Our state-of-art equipment, combined with the most knowledgeable staff, makes us internationally known throughout the medical community.

[:20]  DR. PATEL B-ROLLDr. Patel hero shots

Dr. Patel performing robotic surgery

Dr. Patel speaking at a conference or with other surgeons

VO: Our Medical Director, Dr. Vipul Patel, is the world’s most experienced surgeon in robotic prostatectomy surgery.  He has performed over 5000 procedures and travels all over the world every month to perform surgical demonstrations and train physicians on the latest outcome proven techniques.

Medical Director of Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute

Trifecta graphic with Continence, Potency and Cancer Control intertwined in circles

DR. PATEL:[Dr. Patel explains the “trifecta” and how over 95% of his prostate cancer patients regain urinary continence and sexual function after robotic prostatectomy]
[:10] STAFF MONTAGE:Various doctors and nurses at work VO:  Dr. Patel has built a team of the world’s best and brightest doctors, nurses, concierge, and research professionals who strive to support the best outcomes for our patients — many of whom come from around the globe to Central Florida for their surgical procedure.
[:10] DR. PALMER ON CAMERAKenneth Palmer, MD

Director Robotics Institute, Latin America


DR. PALMER:[Dr. Palmer talks about how the GRI has expanded exponentially worldwide and the care international patients receive]
[:25]  PATIENT CARE B-ROLL:Dr. Patel with patient in exam room

Concierge greets patient

Staff on phone

Concierge scene (originally family scene but not sure we got this)

VO:  Everyone from our surgeons to our care coordinators go above and beyond to give individualized attention to both the patient and their loved ones.Our multi-lingual staff is on call to answer any questions and provide first class service.

SOT: (Staff on phone speaking Greek)


At Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute, we strive to create the most positive experience and successful outcomes for patients and their families.

[:30]  OFFICER AND WIFE AT HOMEB-roll:  Photo of Dr. Patel awarded an honorary physician badge by five Palm Beach County police officers/former patients FORMER PATIENT WITH WIFE:*Why his colleagues recommended Dr. Patel/Explanation of Award for Dr. Patel

*Experience with surgery

*His gratitude for Dr. Patel and how his life is back to normal

*Wife talks about his life being back to normal after surgery and how quickly his recovered


High-tech equipment

GRI logo

VO:  Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute – an international pioneer in robotic surgery and world-class patient care.  The best experience…the best outcomes.

HTDF jet packing script/video segment

Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to Do florida” television series.

Click below to view the segment in its entirety or click here:  http://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/videos/2012/september/how-to-do-florida-jet-packing-in-the-florida-keys.html



Script Name:



HTDFJet Pack1@ 8:00
© 2012 All Rights Reserved




[echo FX voice:  “3-2-1…lift off!”]

VO:  Imagine turning heads as you go top-gunning over open water like 007.  Jetpacks may have stemmed from fiction, but a south Florida company has made it a reality.

[:05]GRAPHICS:  Map of Keys[:10]00:08 – 00:12Jason takes off with jetpack, Chad reactsB-ROLL OF JETLEV ACTION SHOTS VO:  Today we head on down to Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, about two hours south of Miami in the Florida Keys.Jason Baccus is a flight instructor for ######[c1]   He’s going to show me how to fly over the waters of the Florida keys.CHAD: (laughs) That was COOOOL!VO:  SO here’s how it works using water as jet propulsion.  A small control craft below pumps water through a 30-foot tube into the jet pack, sending riders up to three stories high and speeds near 30 miles an hour.
[:35]00:55 – 01:30Jason lands and meets with Chad CHAD:  Ha!  Ha!  How ya doing, Jason?JASON:  Good, good.CHAD:  Chad Crawford.JASON:  Nice to meet you, Chad.CHAD:  So, you’re gonna show me how to do this?JASON:  I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this really quick.  It’s actually really fast.CHAD:  What an entry.  That’s absolutely amazing.  So, I strap in right here?JASON:  Actually, you go in the back.CHAD:  I go in the back?JASON:  It’s a lot easier right where the jets…oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.  We’re actually going to take off, head to the other side, you’re going to be completely in the system and I’m gonna be standing in the docks.  We’re just gonna switch roles.CHAD:  You’re gonna show me what you just did?JASON:  Exactly what I just did.


Graphics:Step 1: JetLev School

[OPT:  Get schooled]

VO:  Step one JetLev School

[:08]01:32 – 01:40Jason in the water with jet pack[:03]01:50 – 01:53Jason turns jet pack on02:08 – 02:17B-ROLL OF JASON TAKING OFF[:14]02:42 – 02:56Jason on jet pack, Chad talks to camera[:36]

04:02 – 04:38

Chad directs Jason like at an airport runway


6:00 – 6:05


04:49 – 04:58


06:51 – 07:28

Chad and Jason


10:30 – 10:47

Chad and Jason

B-ROLL 10:00 – 10:30

CU Throttle













07:58 – 08:01

Chad and Jason


08:11 – 08:27

Chad and Jason



08:30 – 08:50

Jason straps Chad in



09:01 – 09:05


09:22 – 09:38

JASON:  Alight, when we start out, we’re gonna start out in the water like this.  It’s gonna be nice and easy, you’re just gonna be floating in the water.  What I want you to do is keep things in forward momentum.


Nice and easy, gonna give you a throttle, drive you go forward.

[nat sound]

JASON: Also, you don’t want to go back and forth.

CHAD:  Yeah.  Don’t do that.

JASON:  Nice, even forward momentum.

CHAD:  Nice, even forward momentum is what he said.



[nat sound of Jason landing]

CHAD:  Yes!  Perfect landing.  You’ve done this before, haven’t you?

JASON:  Ah, I’ve done it once or twice.

CHAD:  Here’s what I think I heard you say.  You always want to get that forward momentum.  And you get that by pushing down a little bit on the bars?

JASON:  Actually, yes with the bars.  You want to keep your forward momentum, but not pushing down, all you have to do is lower them a little bit.  See?  I’m using two fingers.  That’s all you have to do.  Don’t have this death grip.  Don’t have to have that.  Just nice and easy.  Keep it as even as possible.


CHAD:  What happens if I throw the bars up?

JASON:  Ah, I’m gonna completely shut you off and you’re just gonna just crash in the water.

CHAD:  Okay, we’re not going to do that.


CHAD:  So, if I wanna peel off to the right…

JASON:  So what you’re gonna do, you gonna use your neck muscles.  Go over to the right.

CHAD:  Oh, so you move by moving your body but not…

JASON:  That’s why you’re so tight in it.




CHAD:  So, this is the water sucker….

JASON:  That is the water sucker.

CHAD:  This is what makes it all possible.

JASON:  That’s what makes it possible.  Without that, it’s not gonna work.

CHAD:  Because a lot of people don’t realize it.  They just see someone levitating in the air, and they don’t realize this is behind them in the water doing the work.

JASON:  Yep.  Engine’s doing all the work.

CHAD:  Engine is doing all the work.

JASON:  So, it comes up, and you have two nozzles here.  What are those?  It splits it and comes off both nozzles.  Then we have our handlebars.  We actually have our throttle right over here.  We actually start it also.  We have a kill switch.  Starts on the bottom of our throttle.  So, actually start all the power is in the palm of your hands.

CHAD:  So can I adjust this to, like, stream and pulsate and vibrate?

JASON:  You can’t do that.  It stays one set and that is it.  That’s all you need.



CHAD:  So, where’s the gas?

JASON:  The gas?  What you actually have to do, you have the kill switch here, kill switch goes on top, you have the start button, underneath, and you have the throttles, exactly like a motorcycle, except it’s down here and spins back and forth.

CHAD:  Boom.  So instead of here, vroom, vroom, it’s over here, vroom, vroom.

JASON:  Exactly.

CHAD:  Vroom, vroom.




CHAD:  So, we got the seat, the harness…


CHAD:  And, here’s the kill switch, I don’t see a cup holder on here, what else do we have….WHOA, whoa, whoa!

JASON:  Yep, that was the kill switch.  You started it up, I killed it.  So, it works.

CHAD:  So, how did I do that?

JASON:  The actual start is on the very bottom down here.

CHAD:  Okay.  Note to self.  Good to know.


JASON:  That’s pretty much it.  What we’re going to do is give you a helmet and I’m gonna be able to talk to you the whole time we are out there.  Strap you in.  If you want to come over here, I’ll show you how to do it.

CHAD:  Ha!!  We’re in strap mode.

JASON:  We’ll do it with the life jacket in a couple moments, but this is exactly how you’re going to be sitting.  Right here in the harness.

CHAD:  Easy, down there.


JASON: Your arms are actually gonna go underneath here, and that’s it.  That’s how you’re gonna control it.


CHAD:  Do we need to ask for air clearance or are we good?

JASON:  We are good.  We are clear to fly.

CHAD:  We are clearance.  So what, we go about 30, 40 feet up there?

JASON:  You can get, you got 30 feet of hose, you can get 30 feet of air.

CHAD:  I don’t need oxygen or nothing like that?

JASON:  Not, nothing at all.

CHAD:  Alright.  I think I’m ready to do this.

GRAPHICS:Step 2: strap in

[OPT:  Strap it OR Get set]


VO:  Ready or not step two strap in.
[:17]13:03 – 13:20Chad on camera CHAD:  So, here’s the situation.  I’m being strapped to the this atom-splitting, super soaker backpack and I’m gonna be out there flying.  And, I’ve never done this before.  Ugh…snug.

[Quick :05 montage]

[:18]17:16 – 17:24Chad in water, Jason with remote[:15]17:35 – 17:50Jason on headset[:05] 17:57 – 18:02[:04] 18:20 – 18:24[:07] 19:09 – 19:16[:02] 19:39 – 19:41[:04] 19:46 – 19:50[:03]  19:59 – 20:02

Chad yelling

JASON:  Ready?CHAD:  I wanna be honest with you, Jason, I’m feeling a little vulnerable with that remote control you got in your hand.JASON:  You should (laughs).  Alright.  Here we go.


JASON:  What color lights you have now?

CHAD:  Uh, green.

JASON:  It’s nice and fast?

CHAD:  It’s fast, blinking green.

JASON:  Awesome.  Go ahead and press that bottom start button.

(engine starts)

JASON: (whispers)  We’re on.  Shaky a little bit.


JASON:  Arms up, arms up.  There you go.


JASON:  Awesome.  Good job.  I’ll give you a little more throttle here….


JASON:  Perfect.  Keep that forward momentum.  There you go.  That’s your key.  Remember, if you stand still, you’re gonna start to twist.


JASON:  Perfect.  Good control, good control.


JASON:  I’ll give you a little more throttle and get you out of the water. Make sure to keep that forward momentum.


CHAD:  Woo hoo hoo!

GRAPHICS:Step 3:  On your own 

[OPT:  Let ‘er rip! OR Go!]

VO:  It took a bit of hand-eye coordination, but once I got the hang of it, it was time to fly!

[:15]20:28 – 20:30 [or 20:36-20:38]Jason on headset

[music montage]

JASON: Chad, you are now flying the JetLev.

[:04]23:17 – 23:21Chad gets out of water[:23]23:31 – 23:54Jason and Chad[:08]24:03 – 24:11Jason and Chad[:05] 24:32 – 24:37 CHAD:  Woo hoo!  Ah, man that was awesome.


CHAD:  Jason, that was awesome, sir.  Haha! That was cool.  Once I could get past the mechanics of this and get a little self-confidence with how to maneuver it, then it was like, alright – now I just want to have fun.  I wanna move around, I wanna go up, down, in and out of the water.  That was pretty cool.

JASON:  Well, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to pick it up.


CHAD: For someone who is doing this for the very first time, like what’s the key?

JASON:  Try to relax and listen to what I’m saying.  If you can do that, excellent.


CHAD:  Yeah, dude.  Fun.  Good stuff.  Ha HA!!  This is great!

[:10]  B-ROLL GO-PRO FOOTAGE OF THROTTLE ACCIDENTLY GOING OFF, (25:36) CHAD JUMPING IN WATER TO SAVE REMOTE CONTROL  VO:  Okay, so Jason and I were going over the controls again, when we once again learned the importance of the kill switch.  At least I didn’t do it this time.
[:04]27:05 – 27:09Chad on camera[:15]27:45 – 27:59Chad and Jason[:13]28:04 – 28:17Chad and JasonB-ROLL OF GO PRO FOOTAGE IN SLO-MO CHAD:  We were messing with the remote control and he just – whirl – started just going!


JASON:  This controls him, this is me controlling it.  What happened…it was on.  I thought it was off.  And, I was going over it, telling him how to actually do it, it was already on, so when I flipped it back it gave you full throttle.

CHAD:  I mean that’s important of the safety aspect of this thing.


CHAD: You’re dealing with a lot of power and a lot of mechanics to make this work.

JASON:  There’s a lot that goes into it.  And, it’s so much fun.

CHAD:  That was just fun right there.  You went right off the top there.

JASON:  And that’s why you have the kill switch.  I just pulled the kill switch.

[:15]B-ROLL OF CHAD WITH JET PACK  VO:  Wow – the exhilaration of having your own personal aircraft strapped to your back as you soar way up in the air.  Having that sense of weightlessness is truly a childhood dream come true.
[:21]28:33 – 28:54Jason lands on dock

[nat sound of Jason landing]

JASON:  That’s how you do it.

CHAD:  Thank you so much, man.  Loved it.

JASON:  Good, good.  Glad you had fun.

CHAD:  Yeah.  You need to do this.

[:05]24:45 – 24:48 or 24:52 – 24:56Chad on cameraWEBSITE  CHAD:  Hey, for more information on how to do jet packing go to howtodoflorida.com.

 [c1]Need name of company that is based in hawks cay.

HTDF mountain biking script/video

Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to DO florida” television series.  This segment is from Season 2.
Click below to view the segment in its entirety or go to http://howtodoflorida.com/episode/mountain-biking-sand-sculpture
HTDF mountain biking

Script Name:

September 26, 2012How To Do FloridaMountain Biking
Length – Approx  10:30ã 2011 All Rights Reserved



B-ROLL MOUNTAIN BIKING[:20] VO:  When you think of Florida, you don’t think much about mountain biking.  After all, the highest elevation around here is just 300 feet above sea level.  Well, it turns out there are places all over the sunshine state that offer great trails for down hilling, dirt jumping, racing – even the occasional aerial maneuver.
CHAD ON CAMERA33:00-33:05[:05] CHAD:  Today on the show, we’re gonnashow you how to do mountain biking, yeahhh!
GRAPHICS/MAP[:20]CHAD TO CAMERA00:45:58-01:46:08[:10] VO:  This week we travel up to the Ocala area to the Santos trailhead, part of the Majorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway, which stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the St. Johns River.  These are some of the best trails on the east coast.  The Santos trailhead alone offers over 81,000 acres of everything from smooth strolls to double black diamond courses.  Pure off-road riding bliss.CHAD:  Originally, the state had plans to build a canal through this entire area.  Well, that project got cancelled, and then the mountain bikers moved in and built a playground.
B-ROLL TIM WITH DAD AND KIDS43:22[:15] Tim Mulhall is the President of the Ocala Mountain Bike Association.  He is part of three generations of mountain bikers and leads a dedicated crew of volunteers that maintain bike trails all over Central Florida.
CHAD MEETS TIM00:00-00:12[:12]ENTER/EXIT BIKE SHOP – CHAD NOW IN BIKE SHORTS00:43-00:53[:10] CHAD:  Hey, Tim.  How you doin’, buddy?  I’m ready to Mountain Bike.TIM:  Not like that.  Let’s go shopping.


TIM:  Now you’re ready to go mountain biking.

CHAD:  Seriously?  They’re a little snug.

TIM:  You’ll be all right.

CHAD AND TIM01:06-1:17[:11] CHAD:  Is there any mountains where we’re going, Tim?TIM:  Not in Florida.  No mountains.  Lotsa hills.CHAD:  It’s more “mount” biking.TIM:  Mount biking.  That’s a good one, yes.
B-ROLL CHAD HAVING BIKE ADJUSTED,[02:20-05:28][03:16-3:19] CHAD TALKING TO CREWGUY ACCIDENTALLY PINCHES SKIN CLASPING HELMET TO CHAD[05:28-5:40] VO:  Once I had my height on my bike adjusted…CHAD:  I like mine about 3 degrees to the left.  [laughter from the crew]VO:  …and helmet *owww*, there was just one more thing.
TIM GETS PINK HORN FOR CHAD06:02-06:15[:13]06:18-06:20[:02]06:43-06:46




TIM:  Alright, Chad.  I’ve got this advanced piece of safety equipment for you.Chad:  What’s so advanced about that?TIM:  Well, high viz…(squeaks pink horn)…little squeak.CHAD:  You’re kidding me, right?TIM:  No, that way you can tell people you’re coming around the corner.


CHAD:  So, that’s my one safety feature.


Chad:  (squeaks horn) These mountain bikers are cruel.


This is evil.  (squeaks horn)  Get used to that sound, Tim.  All day long.  That’s what it’s going to be.  All day long.

CHAD AND TIM07:52-08:05[:13]12:02-12:30[:28]12:44-12:47


CHAD:  Coming in hot, Tim.TIM:  Alright.  We’re here at the skills part.  This is where we practice going over obstacles.CHAD:  This is the kiddy pool.TIM:  This is the kiddy pool.  This is where you’re going to learn some skills.  But, before that, let’s teach you about the bike.


TIM:  Brakes.  Right. Rear, left front.

CHAD:  Not the other way around.

TIM:  Not the other way around.

CHAD:  But, that’s the sequence you brake.  You start with the back, and then you go to the front.

TIM:  If you go with the front, it’s going to be butts and elbows over the handlebars.  Not going to be pretty.

CHAD:  Especially from the back.

TIM:  These are hydraulic brakes, just like in your car.

CHAD:  Yeah, they feel good.

TIM:  They’re not going anywhere.


CHAD:  I’m ready to rock a mountain, Sir.

TIM:  Let’s do this.

CHAD AND TIM12:53-13:09[:16]13:12-13:22[:10] CHAD:  So, I need to gain a few skills before we’re ready for like the big trails, right?  Can we roll black diamonds, today?  What do you guys got out there?TIM:  Black diamonds?  I’ll get you to that edge, but them I’m going to pull you back.  I’ll let you see it, but I probably won’t let you ride it.


Tim:  You wanna be able to walk home tonight, don’t you?

CHAD:  That would be nice, yeah.  Ok, well, let’s rock the baby pool first.

TIM:  Okay, let’s do it.

CHAD TO CAMERA15:18-15:23[:05]B-ROLL OF TIM GOING OVER ROCK14:32-14:35[:03]













Chad:  Tim’s gonna show me how to do it.  Clear an obstacle 101.  Go, Tim!

[nat sound of Tim going over rock]


Tim:  Here comes the blooper reel.

Chad:  So, it’s my turn?

Tim:  You’re turn.

Chad:  Ready, boss?  Argggh!  You got a smaller obstacle, Tim?

Tim:  Clear your petals.  You give it a nice little burst there at the end.  That’s your pushing motion.  That’s your arms.

CHAD:  Alright.  Let me try that.


TIM:  Pull it in, push it out.

CHAD:  Aaahhhh!  Coming at you!


TIM:  Ahhh.  Much better.

CHAD:  Woo hoo!


TIM:  Great clearance of the petals!  Let’s try the next one.

TIM INSTRUCTS CHAD18:26-18:43[:17]TIM GOES OVER ROCK, CHAD DOESN’T19:00-19:21[:21]




TIM:  Same sort of obstacle, just a little bit more height.  It’s important to pull the bike toward you, and again we’re pushing over the top.  If you don’t clear the petals, you’re going down.  There’s going to be some blood involved.  Ready?


TIM:  Butter.

CHAD:  Argggh!

TIM:  Speed is your friend.

CHAD:  Speed.  Alright.

Tim:  Remember, momentum is your friend.  More speed.


TIM:  Nice.  Nice.

CHAD:  Two-parter.  But, I got over it.

CHAD AND TIM GO OVER BRIDGE21:37-22:00[:23]22:21-22:35[:14]22:55-22:58


TIM:  A common mistake when people are riding a mountain bike:  People look down at their tire.  You notice the bike and your tire, you’re gonna turn a lot more You want to pick a point and ride to it.  The way we’re going to practice that…we have a bridge.Chad:  Oh, wow.  Kinda a narrow bridge.Tim:  All you have to do is look to the end.  Let’s try it.Chad:  Let’s do it.


TIM:  Remember, look forward.  Look to the end of the bridge.

CHAD:  Whoa!  Good goo!  Holy mackerel!

TIM:  Nice work!


CHAD:  That really works…looking forward like that.









TIM (audio only)








TIM:  That’s the ticket.  Now, we’re going to use the same momentum, and try some of the pumps.


CHAD:  Holy mackerel.  Yeah, get me going over this thing.  What’s the best way to approach it?

TIM:  Head first.  It’s all about line choice.  You’re coming here, you’re rolling just like this, making sure you’re clearing your petals here, and you’re down.

CHAD:  Got it.  I’m on it, Tim.


CHAD:  Arrrgh!

TIM:  Not bad.  More momentum.


TIM:  Try it one more time.


CHAD:  Aaahhhh!  (squeaks horn)

TIM:  Man down!

CHAD:  I made it over, right?

TIM:  I made it over.

CHAD:  Woo hoo!  I’ll take it.

TIM:  Do we need a new trail?

CHAD:   I think you need a new trail that runs right through here.


CHAD:  So, what. Is that a good accomplishment or what?

TIM:  That’s a good accomplishment!

CHAD:  Not bad.  Respectable?

TIM:  My 8 yr old son does it.

CHAD: That was smack.  That was a cold smack.

CHAD AND TIM27:37- 27:44[:07] CHAD:  So, what do you think?  Are we ready to hit the trail?TIM:  I think we’re ready.  Let’s do some trail riding.  Kiddy pool’s done.  We’re ready to roll.CHAD:  Let’s go trailing.  Ha!
CHAD AND TIM TALK AND RIDE28:36-28:50[:14]29:34-30:10[:36] CHAD:  So, Tim, what an absolutely gorgeous setting back here.  You know.TIM:  Great place.CHAD:  It’s great exercise. You’re outdoors, seeing Florida.  It’s a pretty good combination, right?TIM:  Fitness with a view.CHAD:  Fitness with a view, you’re right.


CHAD:  So what kinda trails do you have out here?

TIM:  Currently, we have yellow, blue and red trails.  Yellow being more of a family casual ride, blue being a little more aggressive, a little bit more turny, and then you have the red trails – real aggressive if you want to indulge in some mountain bike experience.

CHAD:  And, is it red because the color of blood is red?

TIM:  There might be some blood involved at the end of the day.  That’s where we plan on getting you towards the end of the day after you get comfortable on your bike.

CHAD:  You have sent me down a red trail.

TIM:  We’re gonna send you down red trail.

CHAD:  You nasty, nasty man.

TIM:  Ahh…you’ll be alright.

CHAD:  Aaaahh….


CHAD:  I’m gonna split off.TIM:  Alright, let’s shoot off to some single track over here to the right.CHAD:  You ready?  One, two, three.
CHAD AND TIM BIKING31:32-31:57[:25]

CHAD:  So, Tim, what are some things you don’t want to do out here.TIM:  Definitely don’t come out here without any water and a little bit of food.  We are in Florida.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  You don’t want to dehydrate out here.CHAD:  So, a couple power bars and I got this rockin’ (puts tube in mouth).TIM:  Yeah.  I’ve got a water bottle with me.  Even a cell phone, in case you get hurt.  You can call for help.
VO:  So far, so good.  Then it hit me.
CHAD SLIDES OFF TRAIL34:01-34:18[:17]34:25-34:2634:35-34:37 CHAD:  Tim!TIM:  What’s up, man?CHAD:  Man, you hit those corners hot and I tried to follow you but….TIM:  No go?  Brown ice.CHAD:  Is that what they call it?TIM:  Leaves on the ground?  Brown ice.

CHAD:  That’s exactly what I hit.  I just couldn’t stay on the trail.  I just started sliding and kept going.


CHAD:  This is awesome.


CHAD:  Let’s do some more.









CHAD:  Oh, man!  I was riding the tire a little too much!  The tire caught my pants and sucked me up underneath the tire and the seat hit me in the gut.


CHAD:  You didn’t warn me about that!

Tim:  I don’t sit back that far!

Chad:  There’s the brown ice, this, what else you got, Tim?


TIM:  Ha ha!  Turnaround!






CHAD:   Ho, oh my gosh!TIM:  Must extreme thing you can do in this sport.  Remember, ride with your head, not over it.CHAD:  I think I want to keep my head.  So, people actually go off this?TIM:  Yup.  Got a 20 foot fall.


CHAD:  I think I’d want a helicopter ready to go.

TIM:  Yep.  Have to a have a helicopter here to even jump it.

CHAD:  Alright, I’m backing up.  I don’t even like being on the edge here.







CHAD:  Wow.  This is gorgeous up here.TIM:  This is the old limerock mine.  Starting to take the limerock out of the hole.  Some great elevation.


CHAD:  I can see where all the trails are winding all down there.  Absolutely gorgeous up here.  I never realized how extreme this sport can be.  These rock cliffs and these little thin trails.  It’s pretty sketchy up here.


CHAD:  What an awesome sport, though.

TIM:  We definitely took you through the gauntlet.












VO:  Okay, before you even think about taking on a trail, make sure to get the right bike — one that fits you and is adjusted properly to your height and weight.  Wear a helmet — bikers call these “brain buckets” for good reason.  Bring plenty of water.  It’s also important to have food, first aid kit, cell, map and compass in case you get lost or hurt.
For more on Mountain Biking and Florida trails, go to our website at How To Do Florida dot com.

HTDF treasure hunting script/video

Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to DO florida” television series.  This segment is from Season 2.
If you missed the broadcast, click below to view the segment in its entirety or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zQg9QUPPXE

Script Name:

September 26, 2012How To Do FloridaTreasure Hunt
Length – Approx  8:30ã 2011 All Rights Reserved



FLORIDA MONTAGE – STOCK FOOTAGEGRAPHICS WITH TREASURE CHESTS POPPING UP ALL OVER AND AROUND THE STATE OF FLORIDA.  TREASURE CHESTS RANDOMLY CHANGE TO DOLLAR SIGNS[:25] VO:  We all know Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, palm trees…but gold?  Yo, ho, ho!  Turns out, Florida has more gold than anywhere else in the U.S.  Gold, that is, found in buried and sunken treasure from pirates and shipwrecks. And, with the price of gold nowadays, the value is estimated in the billions.  That’s right – billions of unclaimed treasure.  Imagine how many gold doubloons and pieces-of-eight are just waiting to be found by some lucky treasure hunter.
CHAD ON BEACH01:05:31-01:05:36   [:05] CHAD:  Today, we’re on the brink of pirate mode…avast!  Whatever that means.
MAP AND/OR AERIAL SHOTS[:20]B-ROLL:BEAUTY SHOTS OF BEACH VO:  Ahoy!  This week we travel to “Treasure Coast” – located between Sabastian and Hobe Sound near the town of Jupiter, near West Palm Beach.  Its name comes from – just guessed it – 17th and 18th century capsized ships that were once filled with all kinds of loot.  If thar ever be a place to find treasure, this would be where X marks the spot.
CHAD ON A DOCK WITH ACTIVITY01:35:59-01:36:04       [:05] CHAD:  The center of activity for this small coastal town is without a doubt, Jupiter inlet.
B-ROLL:    DOMINIC – HERO SHOTSPHOTOS OF RECOVERY AND FOUND LOOT[:20] VO:  Shiver me timbers!  Here we decided to hit up a true treasure hunter.  If there were ever a pirate around today, he would be ye matey.  Captain Dominic Addario and his buddies have exclusive rights to a site that contains the remnants of a mid 17th century ship.  Over the years, they’ve recovered over 15,000 artifacts, mostly gold coins.  That’s right.   Gold, baby.  And I was gonna get me some.
CHAD MEETS CAPTAIN DOMINIC AT DOCK01:36:15-01:36:23[:08]01:36:44-01:36:49[:05] CHAD:  Captain Dominic.DOM:  Hey!  Good to have you here.CHAD:  I’m excited about this!DOM:  I’m looking forward to this, as well.


CHAD:  Well, let’s get on the boat.  Let’s go get some gold!

DOM:  Down onto the sea and ship they go.

B-ROLL CHAD WITH REACTION SHOTS GETTING ON DOM’S BOAT AND GOING OUT ON THE WATER[:05] VO:  Well, blow me down.  I wasn’t sure so about “The Blue Pearl”.  She wasn’t exactly what I’d call a grand pirate ship.

[SFX of boat sputtering]

CHAD AND DOM AT THE HELM01:37:39-01:38:13[:34]01:38:47-01:39:00[:12]01:40:07-01:40:23[:16]01:40:28-01:40:32


CHAD:  So, Captain…we getting close?DOM:  We’re about five minutes from the wreck site.CHAD:  Well, this is quite the vessel you got here, I tell you what, man.DOM:  Yeah she’s a middle of them built.CHAD: (laughs) This thing has duct tape sponsorship. This ship could tell some stories, I bet.  It would have a few.DOM:  Yeah, it does.  You know why they name boats after women?  Because, if you handle them right, they’ll take care of you.  It hasn’t been handled right.  So, today it needs….CHAD:  …it needs some TLC.


CHAD:  So, talk to me about what we’re about to do.

DOM:  We’re going to the shipwreck site and we’re going to dive into history.

CHAD:  We’re going to dive into history.  I love it.


CHAD:  Where’s the most state-of-the-art piece of equipment you have on this boat?

(shows him a bent piece of metal)

DOM: That bleeds the steering and the hydraulics.

CHAD:  This is what’s steering this boat.  DOM:  That’s what’s making sure we can steer.


CHAD: Just don’t lose that.

(Dom moves it over)

Yeah, like that.

B-ROLL DOM’S BOAT OUT ON THE WATER[:10] VO:  There are a lot of laws today that protect Florida waters.  You can’t disturb anything without getting extensive permits and salvage rights.  Plus, everything you find must be turned over to the state’s historical officials.  But, finding lost treasure is something everybody has dreamed about at least once in his or her lifetime.
CHAD AND DOM ON BACK OF BOAT01:42:16-01:42:56[:40]B-ROLL CUTAWAYS OF COINS01:43:05-01:43:07[:02] DOM:  Chad, I wanna show what we’re looking for.  I want to show you what’s down there.  Take a look at this.  Hold this in your hand.  Those are encrusted coins, and that’s what we’re looking for.  And when you clean them up they look like this.CHAD:  Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.  So this looked like these at one point.DOM:  There’s actually about seven or eight of these in that incrustation.CHAD:  So, when you find them, you typically find them in groups like this?DOM:  It’s better you find them together in groups like that the better quality artifact then finding them singly or one by one.


CHAD:  Well, man I’m ready to get in the water.



[Music up full]
CHAD IN WATER02:06:27-02:06:29[:02]02:06:39-02:07:05[:26]

CHAD:  I think I found something, Dom.


DOM:  Let’s see what you got there.

CHAD:  I found these two things right there.  What do you think?

DOM:  Spikes from the ship.  Definitely spikes from the ship.

CHAD:  Can we break them up and see what’s in there?

DOM:  Sure.  We’ll get up on deck and we’ll powder them.

CHAD:  Dom, this treasure hunting can take a lot out of you, buddy.



VO:  Aye!  No gold doubloons for me today.  Perhaps, being a landlubber is where me buried booty is awaitin’!
CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:00:09-01:00:21[:12]01:00:34-01:00:43[:09]01:00:55-01:01:00[:05] DOM:  The treasure is anywhere from the dunes to…see that little bar out there?  That’s about how far the first cannons and anchors that we found were.


And, if you look down the beach this way, you’ll see from rock outcroppings.  That’s the natural shoreline.


And, one of the best places for us to find artifacts would be where that shell line is.

CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:02:11-01:02:43[:32] CHAD:  So, I noticed…


…you got some real nice bling on you.  I have nothing yet.  Do you think by the end of the day I might have me a necklace?

DOM:  Let’s hope I don’t lose this one, because maybe then you’ll find it.  When you find coins on the beach, they’re yours. That’s the fun thing about this hobby is that if you find it between that mean high water mark and that dune, you have the right to keep it.  And, that’s not true when you’re out on the water.

CHAD:  Finders keepers.

DOM:  Finders keepers is right.

DOM AND CHAD WITH DIFF. DETECTORS01:30:32-01:31:40[:08]01:31:44-01:30:55[:11]01:31:24-01:31:30[:06] CHAD:  So, Dom let’s talk a little about the gear, take us through the 101.DOM:  OK, we have two different kinds of metal detectors.


This is a surf zone.  It can be used around the water, you can immerse it into the water, but you can’t put the power head into the water.  This metal detector, on the other hand, can go completely immersed in the water.


And you need a set of headphones, and there are gauges on the metal detectors.

01:32:16-01:32:32[:16]01:32:48-01:32:59[:11] CHAD:  Somebody wants to come out here and do this, where do they start on the beach, how do they work this thing.DOM:  Try to start at an outgoing tide if you can.  Pick two points, maybe 100…maybe 50 yards.


Walk slow and if you get a hit, stop, start going the other way the perpendicular so you can pinpoint on the hit and find out exactly where it is.

B-ROLL CHAD W/ METAL DETECTOR[:05] VO:  Shiver me timbers!  This Old Salt was finally ready to find me some treasure by the powers of my magical…ummm…metal detecting thingy.

[:10 music montage]

DOM:  You’re going too fast, Chad!

CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:23:52-01:24:04[:12]B-ROLL OF CHAD WITH METAL DETECTOR DOM:  You’ve got the technique down….CHAD:  Well, you know it’s a ping, ping, pong, it’s just back and forth, right?  Until you hear that good pong.DOM:  And then you go the over way to triangulate on it.
DOM AT A SPOT IN SAND01:20:59-01:21:01[:02]01:21:08-01:21:16[:08]01:21:27-01:21:29[:02]01:21:38-01:21:44


DOM:  We got one!


DOM:  Got a big hit here.

CHAD:  Another bottle cap?

DOM:  No, I don’t think so.  This is something special.  And it’s right there.


DOM:  It’s a sign!

CHAD:  Mad’s keys?


DOM:  I think that’s Dad’s keys.  You found Dad’s keys!

CHAD:  You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.

CHAD ON BEACH01:22:41-01:23:57[:16] CHAD:  I’m getting some hits right here.  Ha!  Ha! HA!  Look at that!   My first treasure!BOY:  Hey, that’s mine! (takes it)CHAD:  What the…?


VO:  Well, lily-livered son of a biscuit eater.  Nothing today, me hearties, but I’m not giving up.  Not in the least.  Beaches are dredged every day and who knows what treasures will wash ashore.
CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:14:49-01:14:55[:06]01:25:19-01:25:25[:06] CHAD: This is exciting, like my blood is rushing, like my heart is pumping…I can see how…I can see why this is so addicting.


DOM:  It’s really exciting.  To find put your hands on something that’s been lost for any given point of time…it’s like reaching into history.


01:25:55-01:26:20[:25] CHAD:   But, I guess that a lot of the addiction to it is to be able something that has been lost for so long.DOM:  It makes you feel like a part of the process of whatever that event was.  And history, a lot of people don’t connect to history from reading it in a book, but when you put your hand around something that’s been lost in time, all of a sudden you can connect to that historic moment.  It’s a unique feeling.CHAD:  Yeah, that is cool.
01:28:02-01:28:28[:26] CHAD:  So, Dom this is so much a part of your lifestyle, this is really kind of a big part of your lifestyle, that kind of pirate spirit, that go out and kind of make your own way.  Obviously, that’s a big part of what you do.DOM:  That’s part of the American way, and you can do it right here in Florida.  This is the Treasure Coast and there’s treasure in that sand and you have every right to be a part of process of finding it.CHAD:  Amen, brotha.  Amen.






VO:  Okay, let’s recap what we need to get ourselves some treasure.  Get a metal detector.  New ones range anywhere from a hundred bucks up to the thousands.  Ye will also need a pair of headsets to hear those pings and a bucket to collect ye booty.  Ye may ne’er know what ye’ll find ashore, but once ye finds it, it’s yours for keeps.  But, if you’re in Florida waters, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.
For more on Florida treasure hunting and books from Captain Dom, go to our website at How To Do Florida dot com.

HTDF paddleboarding script/video

Click below to view the segment:


Script Name:

February 11, 2011How To Do FloridaPaddleboarding
Length – Approx  6:00ã 2011 All Rights Reserved



PADDLEBOARD MONTAGE [:15]  VO:  With its ancestral beginnings in Hawaii, Paddleboarding is the hottest new water sport around.  All you need is a board and a paddle and before you know it, you can explore pretty much any lake, river — even ocean surf right here in Florida.
MAP [:15]    This week we travelled to Sarasota.  Nestled on Florida’s West Coast between Tampa and Ft. Myers on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is an hour from Tampa and about two hours from Orlando.
SARASOTA MONTAGE [:10] Sarasota is perhaps Florida’s best cultural center for opera, theatre, ballet and performing arts venues.  It’s also home to some of Florida’s most affluent residents.  One of the first — showman and circus legend John Ringling.
RINGLING MANSION [:10] Ringling and his wife built a grand home patterned after a Venetian Palace. This exquisite 36,000 square foot mansion was completed in 1925, and is a must-see here in Sarasota.
RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART [:10] Right next door is the Ringling Museum of Art.  This amazing site is THE official state art museum of Florida and houses a world-renowned collection of rare and famous paintings, tapestries and works from the great Old Masters.
STAND-UP CHAD [:12]00:37:28:00-00:37:40:00 Chad:  “Sarasota is known for its cultural diversity.  Fish tacos, to my left a beautiful art sculpture man.  Enjoy.”
AERIAL SHOTS OF COASTLINE AND/OR MAP [:05]  STAND-UP CHAD [:03]00:37:05:00-00:37:08:00  ARMAND’S CIRCLE SHOPS [:10] VO:  Just off the coast lie Sarasota’s barrier islands — Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and St. Armand Key, just to name a few.STAND-UP-CHAD:  “At the center of Sarasota is St. Armand’s Circle.”Welcome to shopping in paradise!  St. Armand’s Circle has this über-cool vibe with its international shops and posh restaurants.


Between the barrier keys and mainland is Sarasota Bay.  This 56-mile long coastal lagoon is teeming with wildlife, and only one of a handful of places in the United States where freshwater mixes with saltwater, providing one of the most dynamic natural habitats in the world.  We figured the calm waters and beautiful scenery of Sarasota Bay would be a perfect place to learn how to paddleboard.

B-ROLL OF CHRIS PADDLEBOARDING [:15] VO:  Here we met up with Chris.  A lifelong water sports fanatic, he’s spent plenty of time growing up in the water — surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding.  He latest passion is paddleboard surfing and long distance paddleboard competitions.  He makes it look soooo easy.
CHRIS/CHAD/CASEY ON CAMERA [:15]00:00:12:00-00:00:27:00 “Chris?  Nice to meet you.  This is Casey, my daughter.  She’s going to be our trainee.”
B-ROLL CASEY ON BOARD IN SAND KICKING AROUND [:07]00:12:00:00-00:12:22:00 VO:  Yes, that’s right.  My daughter.  This sport seems easy enough.  If she can do it, I can definitely do it, too.  I mean, how hard could it be?
VIDEO TRANSITION CHAD AND CHRIS ON BEACH LOOKING AT DIFFERENT BOARDS [:52]00:03:21:00-00:04:13:00  Chad:  “Okay, Chris, 101, let’s talk about boards, let’s talk about board size, just basic gear that somebody needs to get up and paddleboard.”Chris:  “Sure. Sure.  Couple things to consider first of all, the experience of what you’re looking to do.  There’s people that surf on these boards, people that will cruise just flatwater on them and people that take it a little more seriously in fitness and racing and longer distances.  I brought a couple boards to show us the differences.”CHAD:  “I mean if your really good at this things you can stay dry you can go to work at one of these distances.CHRIS:  “Oh, yeah.  There’s guys I know here in Sarasota that paddle to work a couple miles every day.”CHAD:  “OK, that’s pretty cool.  Let’s talk boards.”CHRIS:  “OK.  Here is a smaller one.  It’s about 10-6.  Good for surfing or the lighter weight rider.”
CHAD AND CHRIS WITH SECOND BOARD [:18]00:04:47:00-00:05:05:00  CHRIS:  So this one is similar in design and kinda fits that crossover category so more specifically if you’re doing flatwater you want waterline more volume… Also works for the big guys.  This will be your board today.”CHAD:  “Big guys.”
CHAD AND CHRIS WITH THIRD BOARD [:25]00:05:55:00-00:06:20:00        





CHAD:  “This thing looks like a cadillac.”CHRIS:  “This is a racing or a touring board.  Completely different design.  This is more of a boat shaped hull.  So you can see it’s a much smoother line with a clean entry at the front of the board and a nice clean entry on the back of the board.CHAD:  “Now is this going to be a little more squirrelly?”


CHRIS:  “To give it an analogy it’s similar to like a kayak, where it has a little bit of instability initially, and it gains some secondary stability as the board sinks to water on that side.”

CHAD:  “Okay, I have no idea what you just said but I trust you.”

CHRIS AND CHRIS WITH PADDLE 00:07:43:00-        CHRIS:  “So, this is an adjustable paddle.  Works well for families and first time paddlers.  It has a quick adjustment so you can easily adjust it to the specific height.”CHAD:  “What size paddle would I need?”CHRIS:  “One way to get a quick measurement is put your hand on the top of the paddle.  Your arm should be pretty much straight up.  That’s about where you want it.”CHAD:  “I’m so massive.”CHAD:  “Any particular stance on how to hold it?”CHRIS:  “Yeah, you’ll notice how the paddle blade has a bend in it and that bend is supposed to kicked forward, not back.  A common misconception is that your scooping the water.”CHAD:  “That totally looks like how it should go.”CHRIS:  “That’s the biggest rookie mistake.”
CHAD AND CHRIS – LEASH CHAD:  “The leash, yeah.  Obviously, you use these when you’re out on the surf but I find it’s a good tool I have to make sure the board doesn’t get too far from you.”
CHAD AND CHRIS [:17]+[:05] VO00:11:35:00-00:11:52:00  CHAD:  “So we talked at different types of boards, different types of paddles.  Leashes.  What else?”
CHRIS, CASEY AND CHAD ON BEACH [:21]00:12:34:00-00:13:00:00 [SPEED UP CHAD RUNNING OUT AND IN FRAME] CHRIS:  “Okay, class.  Are you paying attention?  We’re going to go over the basics of paddleboarding.”Chad: “Uh…I have to go to the bathroom…

[runs out, comes back in]

…did I miss anything?”

CHRIS, CASEY AND CHAD ON BEACH [1:08]00:13:23:00-00:13:42:00 Suggestion:  B-roll of Chad daydreaming CHRIS:  “When you get on the board, usually I recommend people start off on your knees first, and you have that pocket kinda between your legs there straddling it.  Start off getting comfortable with board and paddle on your knees, just do a few strokes on each side get the board moving.
CHAD TO CASEY ON BEACH [:02]00:14:30:00-00:14:32:00 B-ROLL OF CASEY GETTING ON BOARD IN THE SAND00:15:00:00-00:15:56:00 CHRIS WITH CHAD GETTING ON BOARD [:03]00:16:06:00-00:16:09:00 CHRIS WITH CHAD ON BOARD [:19]


CHAD:  (to Casey) “You getting all this?”VO:  “Looks easy enough.  I really don’t know why we need to go through all of this….”CHRIS:  “Let’s see if you were paying attention now.CHAD:  “This sand’s a little wobbly here.”CHRIS:  “Alright, Chad.  Do you remember?  I guess you weren’t paying attention in class how we talked about the positioning of the paddle. You want that blade to be flipped over so the blade’s pointed forward.  Remember that?CHAD:  “Thank you, sir.  Thank you pointing that out to the viewing audience.”
B-ROLL OF CASEY ON BOARD WITH CHRIS [:10]00:17:42:00-00:18:50:00 


VO:  Casey had it in no time.  Piece of cake.

SERIES OF FALLS WITH CHAD  [:10]00:19:12:00-00:21:57:00 


VO:  Eventually, I got it.

CHRIS AND CHAD ON BOARDS [:32]00:22:14:00-00:22:46:00        










CHAD:  “Chris.  I think I’m getting the hang of this thing.CHRIS: “Yeah, you’re looking good out there.  You only fell off a handful of times.”CHAD:  “Oh, you saw those?  I thought you were at the truck when that happened.  Hey, uh, you wanna race?”CHRIS:  “Let’s do it, man.  Down to the last crab pot?CHAD:  “I want you to take it easy on me.  I want you to use the other side of your oar.  The handle side.”CHRIS:  “Make sure you get yours turned around.”

[Chad and Casey race each other]

CHRIS:  “What happened there?

CHAD: “My photo finish.  Did anyone see that?  I think it was too close to call.  This guy is fast.”

GO PRO FOOTAGE WITH CASEY [:10] VO:  Well, maybe Casey would be an easier target.  I could totally beat her.
CASEY TOWING DAD [:08]00:19:00:00-00:19:08:00 VO:  Well, if you can’t beat ‘em….
MANGROVES B-ROLL [:20]00:27:20:00-00:30:29:00


VO:  Now that we all got the hang of paddleboarding, we decided to explore the mangroves.  This protected area is home to all kinds of wildlife, and a very precious part of our ecosystem.


VO:  To my surprise, it was probably one of the most amazing environments I’ve been in, and I have been in a quite a few in Florida.  It was just spectacular.

CHAD AND CHRIS IN MANGROVE00:31:12:00-00:31:34:00 [:22]        






 00:30:47:00-00:31:07:00 [:20]


00:32:21:00-00:32:40:00 [:19]

CHAD:  “I think we spent most of the day learning how to paddleboard, you know the boards the paddles, you know, how to get up, the fall, we learned that, but back in here you forgot all that and you realized this is what paddleboarding is about.  It’s not just getting up on a board. It’s like getting up on a board and just being in Florida.  Exploring Florida.”CHRIS:  “Cool.  Glad you liked it.  That’s the beauty of paddlingboarding is that you can kinda be a kid again and go out in these different environments and Florida has a lot of different ones to offer whether it’s the ocean or the intercoastal waterways or rivers or lakes – the paddleboard can take advantage of all that.CHAD:  “It’s like another world out here it’s like an out of body experience being so enclosed by these mangroves and it’s so clear and you can see everything that’s moving around as the tide’s kind of pushing you along.  I just can’t take it in enough.  It’s a really special place back here.”


VO: OK, let’s go review what you need.  Get the right sized board. Look for crossover boards if you’re looking for a little of everything: speed, stability and catching a few small waves.  Make sure your paddle is adjusted to your height.  A leash is important to keep your board by your side.


CHAD:  “My co-host is done.”
CASEY: “That’s a wrap!”
CHAD:  “She said ‘that’s a wrap!’”
 WEBSITE  [:05]
For more on paddleboarding, go to our website at How To Do Florida dot com.

VO about experience to show more footage

Longer boards will give you more speed, but less stability.

Costs of boards

Any particular way that you hold it is there a 20:55  you know a…(grabs it certain ways).

So people will go this way, they think they’re getting the best power out of the stroke, but it goes this way and comes back. 20:00

00:28:38 CHAD:  “I kinda know what you’re talking about but it seems like one of those things that you just kinda need to get out there.”  00:20:45

Well, you just 21:07 hand on top of the tee and the other hand goes this far down — see what I do with the right angles?

00:49:00:00 Let’s swap rides.  For the Cadillac.  00:49:26:00

00:14:56:02-00:15:15:15 [:19] CHAD:  “Let’s talk about what makes the board move.”CHRIS:  “You’re the engine behind it. We can only give you the proper tools to go as fast as possible.”

01:15 Chris, this is just absolutely, just probably one of the most amazing environments I’ve been in, and I have been in quite a few in Florida, and this was just spectacular. 01:01:35:18

“Depends on the application but for most flatwater paddling we use 10 inches above your head as a good starter point (paddle measurement)

Cause it is that great mixture of 01:03:49 fun and good for you. Like you said, it’s a workout.  It’s a great mixture of fun and good for you.

It’s a good core workout.  Like you’re constantly twisting and moving.  01:04:26

HTDF swimming with dolphins script/video segment

Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to DO florida” television series.  This segment is from Season 3.
If you missed the broadcast, click the picture below to view the segment in its entirety or go to http://howtodoflorida.com/episode/coral-reef-restoration-swim-with-dolphins/:





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[:04]  20:15 – 20:19Chad kiss dolphin, then speaks on camera  CHAD:  Today I’m going to show you how to swim with dolphins
[:25]  B-ROLL – BEAUTY SHOTS OF DOLPHINS IN OCEAN AND INTERCOASTAL VO: Dolphins have always been synonymous with Florida.  Gaze long enough at the ocean, gulf, intercoastal or even some rivers and bays here in Florida, and you’ll be sure to find dolphins playing in the background. So Chase and I decided to set out on a dolphin adventure to get up close and personal and to learn more about these fascinating mammals.
[:05] TC?  Chad next to welcome sign CHAD:  Today we’re in Marineland, population 17 …mostly dolphins.
[:09]  GRAPHICS – MAP VO:  About an hour south of Jacksonville, just below St. Augustine and right on A1A is Marineland, home to one of Florida’s very first attractions.
[:20]  B-ROLL – VO:  The story of Marineland is rich in Florida history.
[:15]B-ROLL – OLD PHOTOS FROM MARINELAND BOOK, MARINE STUDIOS SIGN AND FILM CREW (p. 33, 34, 36) COLOR SHOT OF A GUEST IN WATER WITH DOLPHINS, PAINTING WITH DOLPHINS AND/OR FEEDING DOLPHINS  VO:  Marineland opened in 1938 as Marine Studios, an underwater headquarters for Hollywood, creating spectacular underwater footage for major motion pictures and newsreels.  People travelled from all over the world to get a firsthand look at marine life aboveground and underwater.  It was Florida’s first theme park.  Today, guests get the opportunity for a more interactive experience. 
[:16]  34:28 – 34:44Kurt Allen with TITLE GRAPHICS [:18]  39:04 – 39:22Kurt and ChadB-ROLL – LLOYD BRIDGES, SEAHUNT, CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON, REVENGE OF CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON AND BENJI SCUBA DIVING KURT:  Our founders had a vision to create Marine Studios to show creatures from the ocean in their natural environment, so they wanted to build a facility where they could actually do that.  And, our founders were involved in films such as Gone with the Wind and King Kong, some of the big ones.


CHAD:  Some of the classic movies that have been shot here.

KURT:  Lloyd Bridges was a regular here doing some scenes from Seahunt, we had Creature of the Black Lagoon, revenge of Creature from the Black Lagoon, even Benji learned how to scuba dive and he was the first dog to ever scuba dive.

CHAD:  Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

[:18]  39:29 – 39:50Kurt and ChadB-ROLL – TRAINERS WITH DOLPHINS[:07]  40:15 – 40:22Kurt and Chad CHAD:  Somebody wants to come out here and do this, what are some things they need to know?KURT:  We have a wide variety of programs at different price points, so if you’re interested in touching and feeding dolphins and a very simple program we can do that, all the way up to the in-water programs, the immerging programs, and if you’re really thinking about the industry as a whole, we have a trainer for a day where you can actually spend the whole day with the trainers.


KURT:  But, if you’re not coming in to do a program, you can come in as a general admission guest and enjoy just watching what we do on a day-to-day basic in our office.

[:05]  B-ROLL OF CHAD AND KURT WALKING AROUND FACILITY  VO:  After Kurt gave me a quick tour of the facility, it was time for my son and I to suit up and get wet!

[music up]


[quick montage of facility and dolphins]

[:10]B-ROLL SHOTS OF AQE VO:  Today we get to meet with Aqe.  Aqe is one of many of the dolphins that have been a part of the Marineland family for generations.
[:03]  04:10 – 04:13Chad, Chase and Kat go into pool KAT:  Alright!  Let’s go meet Aqe!CHASE:  Yay!
[:13]  04:28 – 04:41They wave, Aqe waves back  KAT:  Hi, Aqe!  Good to see ya!CHAD:  Hey, buddy.KAT:  Look at him wave right back.  Good job.  I think we gotta give him a rub.CHAD:  So we get to feel him.KAT:  Yep.
[:03]  05:11 – 05:14[:09]  05:19 – 05:28Chad talking on camera while petting dolphin CHAD:  It’s amazing, the feel of the dolphin.  The texturing of the skin.


Smooth, but a little texture to it.  But, you can see why they go in the water so fast.  Their texture is absolutely silky smooth.

[:05]  05:35 – 05:40[:14]  05:44 – 05:58[:08]  06:11 – 06:19 KAT: I’m gonna signal to ask for his tail.  Sure, here’s my tail.


KAT:  These are called the flukes.

The flukes are made out of cartilage, what your nose and ears are made out of.  Isn’t that cool?  All the power comes from this part of the dolphin here.


KAT:  You wanna see what he can do with this tail?  I’m going to teach your very first dolphin-training signal, alright?

[:05]  06:38 – 0:43Kat instructs to Chase[:30]  06:55 – 07:25They watch watch Aqe jump around the pool KAT:  You’re gonna raise your right hand up to your forehead, and on the count of three you’re going to shoot it up to the sky.


KAT:  Ok, are you ready, Chase?  Here we go…1, 2, 3 — throw your hand up there!

[Aqe jumps six times around pool]

CHAD:  That’s fantastic!

KAT:  Good job!


[:21]  15:34 – 15:55Chase points finger as Aqe talksCHASE POINTS FINGER AS AQE CHIRPS[:04]  16:11 – 16:15Kat shows blowhole[:02]  16:29 – 16:31

CU of blowhole with sound

KAT:  Why don’t you point your finger at Aqe and see if he makes any noise.

(Aqe talks)

KAT:  Where is Aqe talking from?

KAT:  His mouth?  That’s a good guess, but actually he’s making all those sounds from his blowhole over here.


KAT:  See?  Isn’t that cool?


(Aqe talks again)

[:22]  22:37 – 22:59Chad and Kat[:08]  23:12 – 23:20Chad and Kat[:04]  23:44 – 23:48Chad and Kat

[:02]  23:52 – 24:03

Chad and Kat

[:08]  23:06 – 23:14

Chad and Kat

[:02]  24:21 – 24:26

Chad and Kat

[:02]  24:29 – 24:31

Chad and Kat

[:09]  24:41 – 24:50

Chad and Kat

[:06]  25:16 – 25:22

Chad and Kat

[:03]  29:20 – 29:23

Chad and Kat

[:08]  29:30 – 29:38

Chad and Kat

[:03]  29:48 – 29:51

Chad and Kat

[:16]  30:45 – 31:01

Chad and Kat

[:11]  31:08 – 31:19

Chad and Kat

CHAD:  What is it like being here, working with the animals every single day?KAT:  It’s amazing.  You never get sick of it.  It’s the most amazing thing to come in and interact with animals so long building relationships with.  No matter what kind of day you come in with, it’s always good to see the dolphins.CHAD:  It melts away.  So, one of the things with working with dolphins, you work with these…fish.


KAT:  Alright, well here, we offer them two types of fish.  There is the smaller guy here, this is the capelin and the larger guy here is called a herring.


KAT:   We monitor each fish that the dolphin gets down to the last calorie.


CHAD:  And how many calories we talking about?

KAT:  Anywhere from the younger ones, maybe 4,000 calories, to the ones that are eating more, over 15,000 calories a day.

CHAD:  15,000 calories a day.


CHAD:  That’s a lot of fish.

KAT:  Yep.  Actually, this is restaurant quality fish.  If you wanted to eat one right now, you could.


CHAD:  You dare me to bite into this.

KAT:  I dare you.

CHAD:  You’ve bitten into one of these?

KAT:  Yes.  Absolutely.


KAT:  It’s part of the training initiation.


CHAD:  I’m gonna stop talking about it, I’m just gonna do it.

KAT:  Oh, yeah!!  How’s it taste?

CHAD:  You know what?  It tastes like a sardine.  It’s not bad.


CHAD:  (wipes mouth) You have a breath mint around here?  A tic-tac would be great.  Maybe a box of them.


CHAD:  When someone sees a dolphin out in the wild, what should some of things to keep in mind?


KAT:  Anytime you see a marine animal out in the ocean, or in the intercoastal, or anywhere out in the wild, you need to keep a specific distance away from them.


KAT:  You don’t want to feed them.  They are perfectly capable of feeding themselves.


CHAD:  I’m always so fascinated, fishing in Florida my whole life, catching fish and you cannot catch a dolphin on a hook and line.  They just know that.  They’re so smart, that no matter what man has created, to catch many fish that we catch, a dolphin will not eat that.


KAT:  They’re incredibly capable of adapting to all kinds of different changes in their environment.  That’s why they’re top predators.  They know how to see a situation and manipulate it to their advantage.





VO:  What an incredible encounter it was to see and touch one of the most magnificent animals on the planet.   Since its inception as a pioneering underwater film studio, this Florida treasure has been dedicated to the research, conservation and education of these amazing sea creatures and their marine environment.  What an inspiring and iconic place to bring the family and connect with our neighbors in the sea.   
[:11]36:52 – 37:03Kurt AllenB-ROLL OF OLD MARINELAND PHOTOS  KURT:  A facility like ours we wouldn’t be able to build today if it wasn’t for the history of Marineland and the science and research we founded here that lead us into the progression of our industry as we know it.
[:04]  GRAPHICS – WEBSITE For more information on Marineland, visit our website at How to do florida dot com.


The name Aqe means “storm” in the native Timucuan Indian language because he was born on a stormy Florida day.

OPT. SOUNDBITE ~  38:05  KURT:  It’s not an accident that we’re near the ocean because we actually use natural sea water that gets filtered through the sand to our facility and fill our tanks with 1.3 million gallons of sea water.

CHAD:  That’s a pretty cool fact that there’s pipes that run underground into the ocean, suck water from the ocean, back to the pipes, into the tanks and then back out?


KURT:  It comes from the Atlantic ocean, into the park, and then back out into the intercoastal.  And we’re still using the same piping from 1937, which is amazing.  The technology they built in that time frame was beyond the capabilities of what anybody was building, so they were really revolutionaries in the engineering field. 38:51