Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute

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Research Team (Hallway shot?)

VO:A pioneer in robotic technology…Groundbreaking research…A world-renowned staff…Welcome to Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute.  We have provided patients from around the globe the latest technological innovations and expertise.The development of robotic surgery means fewer complications and quicker recovery for patients. Our state-of-art equipment, combined with the most knowledgeable staff, makes us internationally known throughout the medical community.
[:20]  DR. PATEL B-ROLLDr. Patel hero shotsDr. Patel performing robotic surgeryDr. Patel speaking at a conference or with other surgeons VO: Our Medical Director, Dr. Vipul Patel, is the world’s most experienced surgeon in robotic prostatectomy surgery.  He has performed over 5000 procedures and travels all over the world every month to perform surgical demonstrations and train physicians on the latest outcome proven techniques.
[:20] DR. PATEL ON CAMERA IN OFFICEVipul Patel, MD, FACSMedical Director of Florida Hospital Global Robotics InstituteTrifecta graphic with Continence, Potency and Cancer Control intertwined in circles DR. PATEL:[Dr. Patel explains the “trifecta” and how over 95% of his prostate cancer patients regain urinary continence and sexual function after robotic prostatectomy]
[:10] STAFF MONTAGE:Various doctors and nurses at work VO:  Dr. Patel has built a team of the world’s best and brightest doctors, nurses, concierge, and research professionals who strive to support the best outcomes for our patients — many of whom come from around the globe to Central Florida for their surgical procedure.
[:10] DR. PALMER ON CAMERAKenneth Palmer, MDDirector Robotics Institute, Latin America  DR. PALMER:[Dr. Palmer talks about how the GRI has expanded exponentially worldwide and the care international patients receive]
[:25]  PATIENT CARE B-ROLL:Dr. Patel with patient in exam roomConcierge greets patientStaff on phoneConcierge scene (originally family scene but not sure we got this) VO:  Everyone from our surgeons to our care coordinators go above and beyond to give individualized attention to both the patient and their loved ones.Our multi-lingual staff is on call to answer any questions and provide first class service.SOT: (Staff on phone speaking Greek)VO:At Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute, we strive to create the most positive experience and successful outcomes for patients and their families.
[:30]  OFFICER AND WIFE AT HOMEB-roll:  Photo of Dr. Patel awarded an honorary physician badge by five Palm Beach County police officers/former patients FORMER PATIENT WITH WIFE:*Why his colleagues recommended Dr. Patel/Explanation of Award for Dr. Patel*Experience with surgery*His gratitude for Dr. Patel and how his life is back to normal*Wife talks about his life being back to normal after surgery and how quickly his recovered

High-tech equipment

GRI logo

VO:  Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute – an international pioneer in robotic surgery and world-class patient care.  The best experience…the best outcomes.