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February 11, 2011How To Do FloridaPaddleboarding
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PADDLEBOARD MONTAGE [:15]  VO:  With its ancestral beginnings in Hawaii, Paddleboarding is the hottest new water sport around.  All you need is a board and a paddle and before you know it, you can explore pretty much any lake, river — even ocean surf right here in Florida.
MAP [:15]    This week we travelled to Sarasota.  Nestled on Florida’s West Coast between Tampa and Ft. Myers on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota is an hour from Tampa and about two hours from Orlando.
SARASOTA MONTAGE [:10] Sarasota is perhaps Florida’s best cultural center for opera, theatre, ballet and performing arts venues.  It’s also home to some of Florida’s most affluent residents.  One of the first — showman and circus legend John Ringling.
RINGLING MANSION [:10] Ringling and his wife built a grand home patterned after a Venetian Palace. This exquisite 36,000 square foot mansion was completed in 1925, and is a must-see here in Sarasota.
RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART [:10] Right next door is the Ringling Museum of Art.  This amazing site is THE official state art museum of Florida and houses a world-renowned collection of rare and famous paintings, tapestries and works from the great Old Masters.
STAND-UP CHAD [:12]00:37:28:00-00:37:40:00 Chad:  “Sarasota is known for its cultural diversity.  Fish tacos, to my left a beautiful art sculpture man.  Enjoy.”
AERIAL SHOTS OF COASTLINE AND/OR MAP [:05]  STAND-UP CHAD [:03]00:37:05:00-00:37:08:00  ARMAND’S CIRCLE SHOPS [:10] VO:  Just off the coast lie Sarasota’s barrier islands — Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and St. Armand Key, just to name a few.STAND-UP-CHAD:  “At the center of Sarasota is St. Armand’s Circle.”Welcome to shopping in paradise!  St. Armand’s Circle has this über-cool vibe with its international shops and posh restaurants.


Between the barrier keys and mainland is Sarasota Bay.  This 56-mile long coastal lagoon is teeming with wildlife, and only one of a handful of places in the United States where freshwater mixes with saltwater, providing one of the most dynamic natural habitats in the world.  We figured the calm waters and beautiful scenery of Sarasota Bay would be a perfect place to learn how to paddleboard.

B-ROLL OF CHRIS PADDLEBOARDING [:15] VO:  Here we met up with Chris.  A lifelong water sports fanatic, he’s spent plenty of time growing up in the water — surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding.  He latest passion is paddleboard surfing and long distance paddleboard competitions.  He makes it look soooo easy.
CHRIS/CHAD/CASEY ON CAMERA [:15]00:00:12:00-00:00:27:00 “Chris?  Nice to meet you.  This is Casey, my daughter.  She’s going to be our trainee.”
B-ROLL CASEY ON BOARD IN SAND KICKING AROUND [:07]00:12:00:00-00:12:22:00 VO:  Yes, that’s right.  My daughter.  This sport seems easy enough.  If she can do it, I can definitely do it, too.  I mean, how hard could it be?
VIDEO TRANSITION CHAD AND CHRIS ON BEACH LOOKING AT DIFFERENT BOARDS [:52]00:03:21:00-00:04:13:00  Chad:  “Okay, Chris, 101, let’s talk about boards, let’s talk about board size, just basic gear that somebody needs to get up and paddleboard.”Chris:  “Sure. Sure.  Couple things to consider first of all, the experience of what you’re looking to do.  There’s people that surf on these boards, people that will cruise just flatwater on them and people that take it a little more seriously in fitness and racing and longer distances.  I brought a couple boards to show us the differences.”CHAD:  “I mean if your really good at this things you can stay dry you can go to work at one of these distances.CHRIS:  “Oh, yeah.  There’s guys I know here in Sarasota that paddle to work a couple miles every day.”CHAD:  “OK, that’s pretty cool.  Let’s talk boards.”CHRIS:  “OK.  Here is a smaller one.  It’s about 10-6.  Good for surfing or the lighter weight rider.”
CHAD AND CHRIS WITH SECOND BOARD [:18]00:04:47:00-00:05:05:00  CHRIS:  So this one is similar in design and kinda fits that crossover category so more specifically if you’re doing flatwater you want waterline more volume… Also works for the big guys.  This will be your board today.”CHAD:  “Big guys.”
CHAD AND CHRIS WITH THIRD BOARD [:25]00:05:55:00-00:06:20:00        





CHAD:  “This thing looks like a cadillac.”CHRIS:  “This is a racing or a touring board.  Completely different design.  This is more of a boat shaped hull.  So you can see it’s a much smoother line with a clean entry at the front of the board and a nice clean entry on the back of the board.CHAD:  “Now is this going to be a little more squirrelly?”


CHRIS:  “To give it an analogy it’s similar to like a kayak, where it has a little bit of instability initially, and it gains some secondary stability as the board sinks to water on that side.”

CHAD:  “Okay, I have no idea what you just said but I trust you.”

CHRIS AND CHRIS WITH PADDLE 00:07:43:00-        CHRIS:  “So, this is an adjustable paddle.  Works well for families and first time paddlers.  It has a quick adjustment so you can easily adjust it to the specific height.”CHAD:  “What size paddle would I need?”CHRIS:  “One way to get a quick measurement is put your hand on the top of the paddle.  Your arm should be pretty much straight up.  That’s about where you want it.”CHAD:  “I’m so massive.”CHAD:  “Any particular stance on how to hold it?”CHRIS:  “Yeah, you’ll notice how the paddle blade has a bend in it and that bend is supposed to kicked forward, not back.  A common misconception is that your scooping the water.”CHAD:  “That totally looks like how it should go.”CHRIS:  “That’s the biggest rookie mistake.”
CHAD AND CHRIS – LEASH CHAD:  “The leash, yeah.  Obviously, you use these when you’re out on the surf but I find it’s a good tool I have to make sure the board doesn’t get too far from you.”
CHAD AND CHRIS [:17]+[:05] VO00:11:35:00-00:11:52:00  CHAD:  “So we talked at different types of boards, different types of paddles.  Leashes.  What else?”
CHRIS, CASEY AND CHAD ON BEACH [:21]00:12:34:00-00:13:00:00 [SPEED UP CHAD RUNNING OUT AND IN FRAME] CHRIS:  “Okay, class.  Are you paying attention?  We’re going to go over the basics of paddleboarding.”Chad: “Uh…I have to go to the bathroom…

[runs out, comes back in]

…did I miss anything?”

CHRIS, CASEY AND CHAD ON BEACH [1:08]00:13:23:00-00:13:42:00 Suggestion:  B-roll of Chad daydreaming CHRIS:  “When you get on the board, usually I recommend people start off on your knees first, and you have that pocket kinda between your legs there straddling it.  Start off getting comfortable with board and paddle on your knees, just do a few strokes on each side get the board moving.
CHAD TO CASEY ON BEACH [:02]00:14:30:00-00:14:32:00 B-ROLL OF CASEY GETTING ON BOARD IN THE SAND00:15:00:00-00:15:56:00 CHRIS WITH CHAD GETTING ON BOARD [:03]00:16:06:00-00:16:09:00 CHRIS WITH CHAD ON BOARD [:19]


CHAD:  (to Casey) “You getting all this?”VO:  “Looks easy enough.  I really don’t know why we need to go through all of this….”CHRIS:  “Let’s see if you were paying attention now.CHAD:  “This sand’s a little wobbly here.”CHRIS:  “Alright, Chad.  Do you remember?  I guess you weren’t paying attention in class how we talked about the positioning of the paddle. You want that blade to be flipped over so the blade’s pointed forward.  Remember that?CHAD:  “Thank you, sir.  Thank you pointing that out to the viewing audience.”
B-ROLL OF CASEY ON BOARD WITH CHRIS [:10]00:17:42:00-00:18:50:00 


VO:  Casey had it in no time.  Piece of cake.

SERIES OF FALLS WITH CHAD  [:10]00:19:12:00-00:21:57:00 


VO:  Eventually, I got it.

CHRIS AND CHAD ON BOARDS [:32]00:22:14:00-00:22:46:00        










CHAD:  “Chris.  I think I’m getting the hang of this thing.CHRIS: “Yeah, you’re looking good out there.  You only fell off a handful of times.”CHAD:  “Oh, you saw those?  I thought you were at the truck when that happened.  Hey, uh, you wanna race?”CHRIS:  “Let’s do it, man.  Down to the last crab pot?CHAD:  “I want you to take it easy on me.  I want you to use the other side of your oar.  The handle side.”CHRIS:  “Make sure you get yours turned around.”

[Chad and Casey race each other]

CHRIS:  “What happened there?

CHAD: “My photo finish.  Did anyone see that?  I think it was too close to call.  This guy is fast.”

GO PRO FOOTAGE WITH CASEY [:10] VO:  Well, maybe Casey would be an easier target.  I could totally beat her.
CASEY TOWING DAD [:08]00:19:00:00-00:19:08:00 VO:  Well, if you can’t beat ‘em….
MANGROVES B-ROLL [:20]00:27:20:00-00:30:29:00


VO:  Now that we all got the hang of paddleboarding, we decided to explore the mangroves.  This protected area is home to all kinds of wildlife, and a very precious part of our ecosystem.


VO:  To my surprise, it was probably one of the most amazing environments I’ve been in, and I have been in a quite a few in Florida.  It was just spectacular.

CHAD AND CHRIS IN MANGROVE00:31:12:00-00:31:34:00 [:22]        






 00:30:47:00-00:31:07:00 [:20]


00:32:21:00-00:32:40:00 [:19]

CHAD:  “I think we spent most of the day learning how to paddleboard, you know the boards the paddles, you know, how to get up, the fall, we learned that, but back in here you forgot all that and you realized this is what paddleboarding is about.  It’s not just getting up on a board. It’s like getting up on a board and just being in Florida.  Exploring Florida.”CHRIS:  “Cool.  Glad you liked it.  That’s the beauty of paddlingboarding is that you can kinda be a kid again and go out in these different environments and Florida has a lot of different ones to offer whether it’s the ocean or the intercoastal waterways or rivers or lakes – the paddleboard can take advantage of all that.CHAD:  “It’s like another world out here it’s like an out of body experience being so enclosed by these mangroves and it’s so clear and you can see everything that’s moving around as the tide’s kind of pushing you along.  I just can’t take it in enough.  It’s a really special place back here.”


VO: OK, let’s go review what you need.  Get the right sized board. Look for crossover boards if you’re looking for a little of everything: speed, stability and catching a few small waves.  Make sure your paddle is adjusted to your height.  A leash is important to keep your board by your side.


CHAD:  “My co-host is done.”
CASEY: “That’s a wrap!”
CHAD:  “She said ‘that’s a wrap!’”
 WEBSITE  [:05]
For more on paddleboarding, go to our website at How To Do Florida dot com.

VO about experience to show more footage

Longer boards will give you more speed, but less stability.

Costs of boards

Any particular way that you hold it is there a 20:55  you know a…(grabs it certain ways).

So people will go this way, they think they’re getting the best power out of the stroke, but it goes this way and comes back. 20:00

00:28:38 CHAD:  “I kinda know what you’re talking about but it seems like one of those things that you just kinda need to get out there.”  00:20:45

Well, you just 21:07 hand on top of the tee and the other hand goes this far down — see what I do with the right angles?

00:49:00:00 Let’s swap rides.  For the Cadillac.  00:49:26:00

00:14:56:02-00:15:15:15 [:19] CHAD:  “Let’s talk about what makes the board move.”CHRIS:  “You’re the engine behind it. We can only give you the proper tools to go as fast as possible.”

01:15 Chris, this is just absolutely, just probably one of the most amazing environments I’ve been in, and I have been in quite a few in Florida, and this was just spectacular. 01:01:35:18

“Depends on the application but for most flatwater paddling we use 10 inches above your head as a good starter point (paddle measurement)

Cause it is that great mixture of 01:03:49 fun and good for you. Like you said, it’s a workout.  It’s a great mixture of fun and good for you.

It’s a good core workout.  Like you’re constantly twisting and moving.  01:04:26