HTDF jet packing script/video segment

Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to Do florida” television series.

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HTDFJet Pack1@ 8:00
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[echo FX voice:  “3-2-1…lift off!”]

VO:  Imagine turning heads as you go top-gunning over open water like 007.  Jetpacks may have stemmed from fiction, but a south Florida company has made it a reality.

[:05]GRAPHICS:  Map of Keys[:10]00:08 – 00:12Jason takes off with jetpack, Chad reactsB-ROLL OF JETLEV ACTION SHOTS VO:  Today we head on down to Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, about two hours south of Miami in the Florida Keys.Jason Baccus is a flight instructor for ######[c1]   He’s going to show me how to fly over the waters of the Florida keys.CHAD: (laughs) That was COOOOL!VO:  SO here’s how it works using water as jet propulsion.  A small control craft below pumps water through a 30-foot tube into the jet pack, sending riders up to three stories high and speeds near 30 miles an hour.
[:35]00:55 – 01:30Jason lands and meets with Chad CHAD:  Ha!  Ha!  How ya doing, Jason?JASON:  Good, good.CHAD:  Chad Crawford.JASON:  Nice to meet you, Chad.CHAD:  So, you’re gonna show me how to do this?JASON:  I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this really quick.  It’s actually really fast.CHAD:  What an entry.  That’s absolutely amazing.  So, I strap in right here?JASON:  Actually, you go in the back.CHAD:  I go in the back?JASON:  It’s a lot easier right where the jets…oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.  We’re actually going to take off, head to the other side, you’re going to be completely in the system and I’m gonna be standing in the docks.  We’re just gonna switch roles.CHAD:  You’re gonna show me what you just did?JASON:  Exactly what I just did.


Graphics:Step 1: JetLev School

[OPT:  Get schooled]

VO:  Step one JetLev School

[:08]01:32 – 01:40Jason in the water with jet pack[:03]01:50 – 01:53Jason turns jet pack on02:08 – 02:17B-ROLL OF JASON TAKING OFF[:14]02:42 – 02:56Jason on jet pack, Chad talks to camera[:36]

04:02 – 04:38

Chad directs Jason like at an airport runway


6:00 – 6:05


04:49 – 04:58


06:51 – 07:28

Chad and Jason


10:30 – 10:47

Chad and Jason

B-ROLL 10:00 – 10:30

CU Throttle













07:58 – 08:01

Chad and Jason


08:11 – 08:27

Chad and Jason



08:30 – 08:50

Jason straps Chad in



09:01 – 09:05


09:22 – 09:38

JASON:  Alight, when we start out, we’re gonna start out in the water like this.  It’s gonna be nice and easy, you’re just gonna be floating in the water.  What I want you to do is keep things in forward momentum.


Nice and easy, gonna give you a throttle, drive you go forward.

[nat sound]

JASON: Also, you don’t want to go back and forth.

CHAD:  Yeah.  Don’t do that.

JASON:  Nice, even forward momentum.

CHAD:  Nice, even forward momentum is what he said.



[nat sound of Jason landing]

CHAD:  Yes!  Perfect landing.  You’ve done this before, haven’t you?

JASON:  Ah, I’ve done it once or twice.

CHAD:  Here’s what I think I heard you say.  You always want to get that forward momentum.  And you get that by pushing down a little bit on the bars?

JASON:  Actually, yes with the bars.  You want to keep your forward momentum, but not pushing down, all you have to do is lower them a little bit.  See?  I’m using two fingers.  That’s all you have to do.  Don’t have this death grip.  Don’t have to have that.  Just nice and easy.  Keep it as even as possible.


CHAD:  What happens if I throw the bars up?

JASON:  Ah, I’m gonna completely shut you off and you’re just gonna just crash in the water.

CHAD:  Okay, we’re not going to do that.


CHAD:  So, if I wanna peel off to the right…

JASON:  So what you’re gonna do, you gonna use your neck muscles.  Go over to the right.

CHAD:  Oh, so you move by moving your body but not…

JASON:  That’s why you’re so tight in it.




CHAD:  So, this is the water sucker….

JASON:  That is the water sucker.

CHAD:  This is what makes it all possible.

JASON:  That’s what makes it possible.  Without that, it’s not gonna work.

CHAD:  Because a lot of people don’t realize it.  They just see someone levitating in the air, and they don’t realize this is behind them in the water doing the work.

JASON:  Yep.  Engine’s doing all the work.

CHAD:  Engine is doing all the work.

JASON:  So, it comes up, and you have two nozzles here.  What are those?  It splits it and comes off both nozzles.  Then we have our handlebars.  We actually have our throttle right over here.  We actually start it also.  We have a kill switch.  Starts on the bottom of our throttle.  So, actually start all the power is in the palm of your hands.

CHAD:  So can I adjust this to, like, stream and pulsate and vibrate?

JASON:  You can’t do that.  It stays one set and that is it.  That’s all you need.



CHAD:  So, where’s the gas?

JASON:  The gas?  What you actually have to do, you have the kill switch here, kill switch goes on top, you have the start button, underneath, and you have the throttles, exactly like a motorcycle, except it’s down here and spins back and forth.

CHAD:  Boom.  So instead of here, vroom, vroom, it’s over here, vroom, vroom.

JASON:  Exactly.

CHAD:  Vroom, vroom.




CHAD:  So, we got the seat, the harness…


CHAD:  And, here’s the kill switch, I don’t see a cup holder on here, what else do we have….WHOA, whoa, whoa!

JASON:  Yep, that was the kill switch.  You started it up, I killed it.  So, it works.

CHAD:  So, how did I do that?

JASON:  The actual start is on the very bottom down here.

CHAD:  Okay.  Note to self.  Good to know.


JASON:  That’s pretty much it.  What we’re going to do is give you a helmet and I’m gonna be able to talk to you the whole time we are out there.  Strap you in.  If you want to come over here, I’ll show you how to do it.

CHAD:  Ha!!  We’re in strap mode.

JASON:  We’ll do it with the life jacket in a couple moments, but this is exactly how you’re going to be sitting.  Right here in the harness.

CHAD:  Easy, down there.


JASON: Your arms are actually gonna go underneath here, and that’s it.  That’s how you’re gonna control it.


CHAD:  Do we need to ask for air clearance or are we good?

JASON:  We are good.  We are clear to fly.

CHAD:  We are clearance.  So what, we go about 30, 40 feet up there?

JASON:  You can get, you got 30 feet of hose, you can get 30 feet of air.

CHAD:  I don’t need oxygen or nothing like that?

JASON:  Not, nothing at all.

CHAD:  Alright.  I think I’m ready to do this.

GRAPHICS:Step 2: strap in

[OPT:  Strap it OR Get set]


VO:  Ready or not step two strap in.
[:17]13:03 – 13:20Chad on camera CHAD:  So, here’s the situation.  I’m being strapped to the this atom-splitting, super soaker backpack and I’m gonna be out there flying.  And, I’ve never done this before.  Ugh…snug.

[Quick :05 montage]

[:18]17:16 – 17:24Chad in water, Jason with remote[:15]17:35 – 17:50Jason on headset[:05] 17:57 – 18:02[:04] 18:20 – 18:24[:07] 19:09 – 19:16[:02] 19:39 – 19:41[:04] 19:46 – 19:50[:03]  19:59 – 20:02

Chad yelling

JASON:  Ready?CHAD:  I wanna be honest with you, Jason, I’m feeling a little vulnerable with that remote control you got in your hand.JASON:  You should (laughs).  Alright.  Here we go.


JASON:  What color lights you have now?

CHAD:  Uh, green.

JASON:  It’s nice and fast?

CHAD:  It’s fast, blinking green.

JASON:  Awesome.  Go ahead and press that bottom start button.

(engine starts)

JASON: (whispers)  We’re on.  Shaky a little bit.


JASON:  Arms up, arms up.  There you go.


JASON:  Awesome.  Good job.  I’ll give you a little more throttle here….


JASON:  Perfect.  Keep that forward momentum.  There you go.  That’s your key.  Remember, if you stand still, you’re gonna start to twist.


JASON:  Perfect.  Good control, good control.


JASON:  I’ll give you a little more throttle and get you out of the water. Make sure to keep that forward momentum.


CHAD:  Woo hoo hoo!

GRAPHICS:Step 3:  On your own 

[OPT:  Let ‘er rip! OR Go!]

VO:  It took a bit of hand-eye coordination, but once I got the hang of it, it was time to fly!

[:15]20:28 – 20:30 [or 20:36-20:38]Jason on headset

[music montage]

JASON: Chad, you are now flying the JetLev.

[:04]23:17 – 23:21Chad gets out of water[:23]23:31 – 23:54Jason and Chad[:08]24:03 – 24:11Jason and Chad[:05] 24:32 – 24:37 CHAD:  Woo hoo!  Ah, man that was awesome.


CHAD:  Jason, that was awesome, sir.  Haha! That was cool.  Once I could get past the mechanics of this and get a little self-confidence with how to maneuver it, then it was like, alright – now I just want to have fun.  I wanna move around, I wanna go up, down, in and out of the water.  That was pretty cool.

JASON:  Well, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to pick it up.


CHAD: For someone who is doing this for the very first time, like what’s the key?

JASON:  Try to relax and listen to what I’m saying.  If you can do that, excellent.


CHAD:  Yeah, dude.  Fun.  Good stuff.  Ha HA!!  This is great!

[:10]  B-ROLL GO-PRO FOOTAGE OF THROTTLE ACCIDENTLY GOING OFF, (25:36) CHAD JUMPING IN WATER TO SAVE REMOTE CONTROL  VO:  Okay, so Jason and I were going over the controls again, when we once again learned the importance of the kill switch.  At least I didn’t do it this time.
[:04]27:05 – 27:09Chad on camera[:15]27:45 – 27:59Chad and Jason[:13]28:04 – 28:17Chad and JasonB-ROLL OF GO PRO FOOTAGE IN SLO-MO CHAD:  We were messing with the remote control and he just – whirl – started just going!


JASON:  This controls him, this is me controlling it.  What happened…it was on.  I thought it was off.  And, I was going over it, telling him how to actually do it, it was already on, so when I flipped it back it gave you full throttle.

CHAD:  I mean that’s important of the safety aspect of this thing.


CHAD: You’re dealing with a lot of power and a lot of mechanics to make this work.

JASON:  There’s a lot that goes into it.  And, it’s so much fun.

CHAD:  That was just fun right there.  You went right off the top there.

JASON:  And that’s why you have the kill switch.  I just pulled the kill switch.

[:15]B-ROLL OF CHAD WITH JET PACK  VO:  Wow – the exhilaration of having your own personal aircraft strapped to your back as you soar way up in the air.  Having that sense of weightlessness is truly a childhood dream come true.
[:21]28:33 – 28:54Jason lands on dock

[nat sound of Jason landing]

JASON:  That’s how you do it.

CHAD:  Thank you so much, man.  Loved it.

JASON:  Good, good.  Glad you had fun.

CHAD:  Yeah.  You need to do this.

[:05]24:45 – 24:48 or 24:52 – 24:56Chad on cameraWEBSITE  CHAD:  Hey, for more information on how to do jet packing go to

 [c1]Need name of company that is based in hawks cay.