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Here’s one of the many scripts I put together for the “how to DO florida” television series.  This segment is from Season 2.
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September 26, 2012How To Do FloridaTreasure Hunt
Length – Approx  8:30ã 2011 All Rights Reserved



FLORIDA MONTAGE – STOCK FOOTAGEGRAPHICS WITH TREASURE CHESTS POPPING UP ALL OVER AND AROUND THE STATE OF FLORIDA.  TREASURE CHESTS RANDOMLY CHANGE TO DOLLAR SIGNS[:25] VO:  We all know Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, palm trees…but gold?  Yo, ho, ho!  Turns out, Florida has more gold than anywhere else in the U.S.  Gold, that is, found in buried and sunken treasure from pirates and shipwrecks. And, with the price of gold nowadays, the value is estimated in the billions.  That’s right – billions of unclaimed treasure.  Imagine how many gold doubloons and pieces-of-eight are just waiting to be found by some lucky treasure hunter.
CHAD ON BEACH01:05:31-01:05:36   [:05] CHAD:  Today, we’re on the brink of pirate mode…avast!  Whatever that means.
MAP AND/OR AERIAL SHOTS[:20]B-ROLL:BEAUTY SHOTS OF BEACH VO:  Ahoy!  This week we travel to “Treasure Coast” – located between Sabastian and Hobe Sound near the town of Jupiter, near West Palm Beach.  Its name comes from – just guessed it – 17th and 18th century capsized ships that were once filled with all kinds of loot.  If thar ever be a place to find treasure, this would be where X marks the spot.
CHAD ON A DOCK WITH ACTIVITY01:35:59-01:36:04       [:05] CHAD:  The center of activity for this small coastal town is without a doubt, Jupiter inlet.
B-ROLL:    DOMINIC – HERO SHOTSPHOTOS OF RECOVERY AND FOUND LOOT[:20] VO:  Shiver me timbers!  Here we decided to hit up a true treasure hunter.  If there were ever a pirate around today, he would be ye matey.  Captain Dominic Addario and his buddies have exclusive rights to a site that contains the remnants of a mid 17th century ship.  Over the years, they’ve recovered over 15,000 artifacts, mostly gold coins.  That’s right.   Gold, baby.  And I was gonna get me some.
CHAD MEETS CAPTAIN DOMINIC AT DOCK01:36:15-01:36:23[:08]01:36:44-01:36:49[:05] CHAD:  Captain Dominic.DOM:  Hey!  Good to have you here.CHAD:  I’m excited about this!DOM:  I’m looking forward to this, as well.


CHAD:  Well, let’s get on the boat.  Let’s go get some gold!

DOM:  Down onto the sea and ship they go.

B-ROLL CHAD WITH REACTION SHOTS GETTING ON DOM’S BOAT AND GOING OUT ON THE WATER[:05] VO:  Well, blow me down.  I wasn’t sure so about “The Blue Pearl”.  She wasn’t exactly what I’d call a grand pirate ship.

[SFX of boat sputtering]

CHAD AND DOM AT THE HELM01:37:39-01:38:13[:34]01:38:47-01:39:00[:12]01:40:07-01:40:23[:16]01:40:28-01:40:32


CHAD:  So, Captain…we getting close?DOM:  We’re about five minutes from the wreck site.CHAD:  Well, this is quite the vessel you got here, I tell you what, man.DOM:  Yeah she’s a middle of them built.CHAD: (laughs) This thing has duct tape sponsorship. This ship could tell some stories, I bet.  It would have a few.DOM:  Yeah, it does.  You know why they name boats after women?  Because, if you handle them right, they’ll take care of you.  It hasn’t been handled right.  So, today it needs….CHAD:  …it needs some TLC.


CHAD:  So, talk to me about what we’re about to do.

DOM:  We’re going to the shipwreck site and we’re going to dive into history.

CHAD:  We’re going to dive into history.  I love it.


CHAD:  Where’s the most state-of-the-art piece of equipment you have on this boat?

(shows him a bent piece of metal)

DOM: That bleeds the steering and the hydraulics.

CHAD:  This is what’s steering this boat.  DOM:  That’s what’s making sure we can steer.


CHAD: Just don’t lose that.

(Dom moves it over)

Yeah, like that.

B-ROLL DOM’S BOAT OUT ON THE WATER[:10] VO:  There are a lot of laws today that protect Florida waters.  You can’t disturb anything without getting extensive permits and salvage rights.  Plus, everything you find must be turned over to the state’s historical officials.  But, finding lost treasure is something everybody has dreamed about at least once in his or her lifetime.
CHAD AND DOM ON BACK OF BOAT01:42:16-01:42:56[:40]B-ROLL CUTAWAYS OF COINS01:43:05-01:43:07[:02] DOM:  Chad, I wanna show what we’re looking for.  I want to show you what’s down there.  Take a look at this.  Hold this in your hand.  Those are encrusted coins, and that’s what we’re looking for.  And when you clean them up they look like this.CHAD:  Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.  So this looked like these at one point.DOM:  There’s actually about seven or eight of these in that incrustation.CHAD:  So, when you find them, you typically find them in groups like this?DOM:  It’s better you find them together in groups like that the better quality artifact then finding them singly or one by one.


CHAD:  Well, man I’m ready to get in the water.



[Music up full]
CHAD IN WATER02:06:27-02:06:29[:02]02:06:39-02:07:05[:26]

CHAD:  I think I found something, Dom.


DOM:  Let’s see what you got there.

CHAD:  I found these two things right there.  What do you think?

DOM:  Spikes from the ship.  Definitely spikes from the ship.

CHAD:  Can we break them up and see what’s in there?

DOM:  Sure.  We’ll get up on deck and we’ll powder them.

CHAD:  Dom, this treasure hunting can take a lot out of you, buddy.



VO:  Aye!  No gold doubloons for me today.  Perhaps, being a landlubber is where me buried booty is awaitin’!
CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:00:09-01:00:21[:12]01:00:34-01:00:43[:09]01:00:55-01:01:00[:05] DOM:  The treasure is anywhere from the dunes to…see that little bar out there?  That’s about how far the first cannons and anchors that we found were.


And, if you look down the beach this way, you’ll see from rock outcroppings.  That’s the natural shoreline.


And, one of the best places for us to find artifacts would be where that shell line is.

CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:02:11-01:02:43[:32] CHAD:  So, I noticed…


…you got some real nice bling on you.  I have nothing yet.  Do you think by the end of the day I might have me a necklace?

DOM:  Let’s hope I don’t lose this one, because maybe then you’ll find it.  When you find coins on the beach, they’re yours. That’s the fun thing about this hobby is that if you find it between that mean high water mark and that dune, you have the right to keep it.  And, that’s not true when you’re out on the water.

CHAD:  Finders keepers.

DOM:  Finders keepers is right.

DOM AND CHAD WITH DIFF. DETECTORS01:30:32-01:31:40[:08]01:31:44-01:30:55[:11]01:31:24-01:31:30[:06] CHAD:  So, Dom let’s talk a little about the gear, take us through the 101.DOM:  OK, we have two different kinds of metal detectors.


This is a surf zone.  It can be used around the water, you can immerse it into the water, but you can’t put the power head into the water.  This metal detector, on the other hand, can go completely immersed in the water.


And you need a set of headphones, and there are gauges on the metal detectors.

01:32:16-01:32:32[:16]01:32:48-01:32:59[:11] CHAD:  Somebody wants to come out here and do this, where do they start on the beach, how do they work this thing.DOM:  Try to start at an outgoing tide if you can.  Pick two points, maybe 100…maybe 50 yards.


Walk slow and if you get a hit, stop, start going the other way the perpendicular so you can pinpoint on the hit and find out exactly where it is.

B-ROLL CHAD W/ METAL DETECTOR[:05] VO:  Shiver me timbers!  This Old Salt was finally ready to find me some treasure by the powers of my magical…ummm…metal detecting thingy.

[:10 music montage]

DOM:  You’re going too fast, Chad!

CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:23:52-01:24:04[:12]B-ROLL OF CHAD WITH METAL DETECTOR DOM:  You’ve got the technique down….CHAD:  Well, you know it’s a ping, ping, pong, it’s just back and forth, right?  Until you hear that good pong.DOM:  And then you go the over way to triangulate on it.
DOM AT A SPOT IN SAND01:20:59-01:21:01[:02]01:21:08-01:21:16[:08]01:21:27-01:21:29[:02]01:21:38-01:21:44


DOM:  We got one!


DOM:  Got a big hit here.

CHAD:  Another bottle cap?

DOM:  No, I don’t think so.  This is something special.  And it’s right there.


DOM:  It’s a sign!

CHAD:  Mad’s keys?


DOM:  I think that’s Dad’s keys.  You found Dad’s keys!

CHAD:  You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.

CHAD ON BEACH01:22:41-01:23:57[:16] CHAD:  I’m getting some hits right here.  Ha!  Ha! HA!  Look at that!   My first treasure!BOY:  Hey, that’s mine! (takes it)CHAD:  What the…?


VO:  Well, lily-livered son of a biscuit eater.  Nothing today, me hearties, but I’m not giving up.  Not in the least.  Beaches are dredged every day and who knows what treasures will wash ashore.
CHAD AND DOM ON BEACH01:14:49-01:14:55[:06]01:25:19-01:25:25[:06] CHAD: This is exciting, like my blood is rushing, like my heart is pumping…I can see how…I can see why this is so addicting.


DOM:  It’s really exciting.  To find put your hands on something that’s been lost for any given point of time…it’s like reaching into history.


01:25:55-01:26:20[:25] CHAD:   But, I guess that a lot of the addiction to it is to be able something that has been lost for so long.DOM:  It makes you feel like a part of the process of whatever that event was.  And history, a lot of people don’t connect to history from reading it in a book, but when you put your hand around something that’s been lost in time, all of a sudden you can connect to that historic moment.  It’s a unique feeling.CHAD:  Yeah, that is cool.
01:28:02-01:28:28[:26] CHAD:  So, Dom this is so much a part of your lifestyle, this is really kind of a big part of your lifestyle, that kind of pirate spirit, that go out and kind of make your own way.  Obviously, that’s a big part of what you do.DOM:  That’s part of the American way, and you can do it right here in Florida.  This is the Treasure Coast and there’s treasure in that sand and you have every right to be a part of process of finding it.CHAD:  Amen, brotha.  Amen.






VO:  Okay, let’s recap what we need to get ourselves some treasure.  Get a metal detector.  New ones range anywhere from a hundred bucks up to the thousands.  Ye will also need a pair of headsets to hear those pings and a bucket to collect ye booty.  Ye may ne’er know what ye’ll find ashore, but once ye finds it, it’s yours for keeps.  But, if you’re in Florida waters, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.
For more on Florida treasure hunting and books from Captain Dom, go to our website at How To Do Florida dot com.